Purchasing a home is an exciting time, preparing to move can be stressful.  Staying organized and preparing a checklist in advance will prepare you for a smooth move!


  • Arrange for home insurance
  • Give rental notice
  • Arrange for a moving company
  • Arrange for new utility connections
  • Arrange for moving boxes
  • Obtain medical/dental records if moving out of Province
  • Start packing and labelling your boxes
  • Provide a change of address to;
    1. Banks
    2. Credit card accounts
    3. Medical & Pharmacy
    4. Auto insurance & drivers license
    5. Employer & Life insurance
  •  Cancel or update any subscriptions (Newspaper etc.)
  •  Arrange appointment with your Lawyer for keys and Legal documents
  •  Arrange to have the locks re-keyed at your new property
  •  Prepare to change batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Enquire on garbage & recycling day in your area
  • Take your utility readings and notify utilities;
    1. Telephone & Internet (Shaw 1-888-472-222 or MTS – 204-225-5687)
    2. Water Utility – 204-986-2455
    3. Manitoba Hydro – Gas & Electricity – 204-480-5900



The above information is deemed reliable, however, no responsibility is assumed for the accuracy of this information.